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Courtney Irby, the Florida woman who took her estranged husband’s guns and turned them over to the police, will be charged with trespassing (a misdemeanor) instead of theft and burglary (felonies). But the men in charge continue to fail her. #flapol 

State Attorney Brian Haas claims the case is about a messy divorce as opposed to a domestic abuse victim fearing for her life. Despite filing an aggravated battery charge against Joseph Irby for hitting his wife’s vehicle with his car a day before her arrest.

Haas said he would leave it up to a family court judge to make decisions about property ownership - in other words, Joseph Irby still has his guns. And Courtney Irby’s misdemeanor charge still carries a maximum penalty of six months’ probation or 60 days in jail.

Haas also said if Courtney Irby mentioned that she considered her husband a threat, police could have taken advantage of Florida’s red flag law to remove his guns. Her husband WAS IN JAIL then for aggravated assault. Why didn’t they do that on their own? 

Judge Sharon Franklin’s pretrial release order for Joseph Irby stipulated that he was not to possess any guns. But after Courtney Irby’s arrest, Lakeland Police Chief Ruben Garcia said the judge’s order did not compel any law enforcement agency to seize his weapons.

And earlier this year, Courtney Irby filed for a protective injunction against her husband, but Judge Reinaldo Ojeda dismissed the petition in March, saying there was insufficient evidence to support it.

.@AnnaForFlorida introduced a bill in this year that would have required anyone convicted of a misdemeanor domestic violence in Florida to surrender all firearms to law enforcement. Eskamani said she plans to refile the bill next year. Thankful for women protecting women.

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