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It’s misleading to categorize these as “climate” costs - wildfires have always ravaged California - they cause more damage now because people are building homes where they shouldn’t be: Fire zones. California’s population went from 4 million to 40 million over the last 100 years.

2. California has allowed 1.1 million homes and many roads to be built in wildfire zones. A spark from a rim of a car’s flat tire ( ) scraping the highway near dry brush caused the 2018 Carr wildfire that burnt >100,000 acres. 

3. 1 in 10 buildings in California lie within highest-risk fire zones in maps drawn by the Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. That’s an undercount, according to experts. So millions more homes could be lost to wildfires while serving as kindling for bigger fires 🔥.

4. A hundred years ago, when California’s population was less than 4 million (it is 40 million today), these structures did not exist and so the fuel (houses and their contents) for the fires that naturally swept through California was simply not there.

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