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243 years ago, a group of rebels in Philadelphia pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to a revolutionary idea, to the self-evident truth that all men — and women — are created equal.

And ever since then, presidents and patriots have gathered together on the Fourth to reflect on the greater meaning of our American experiment.

America is the heart of the Free World, and we must defend it. That is how the #FourthOfJuly is best honored — by remembering that our Declaration is first and foremost a call to arms, in defense of liberty.

But we must also remember, as JFK put it, that ours is “not the individual liberty of one but the indivisible liberty of all.” Donald Trump doesn’t get that.

My liberty, depends on yours. Our liberty as a nation rests on our ability to ensure equal access and equal opportunity — not just for our own children, but all our children.

We have to take on the inequalities in our system that are causing too many today—in America and around the world—to question their faith in the ability of democracy to deliver for them.

It’s not enough to be for political equality. We have to be for economic fairness as well.

It’s not enough to be against the way Donald Trump conducts himself — we have to be against the way he assaults the dignity of women, people of color, and immigrants.

We have to be against his policies that are further entrenching economic inequality in this nation. That are rigging the system against the middle class.

That too is an attack on our democracy, on our liberty.

As I celebrate today with friends & family, I am reflecting on the promise those rebels envisioned 243 years ago. America hasn’t lived up to that promise for most people—but we’ve never stopped trying. We must continue in our pursuit until we achieve equality & liberty for all.

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