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BREAKING: General Who Talked Trump Out of Iran Strike Connected to IP3 International's Secret Saudi Nuclear Deal, Confirming Saudi-Linked Entities Are Helping Dictate the Timing of a War With Iran

1/ Jack Keane is one of the generals a source in Trump's own White House said was secretly using US nuclear policy to make money in conjunction with the Russians and the Saudis. I have no idea why this wasn't prominently highlighted in the Politico story. 

2/ If in fact Keane is one of the primary reasons we're not at war right now, and is therefore (in a sense) helping dictate when we *do* go to war, America *needs to know* that Keane is connected to three convicts (Flynn, Gates, McFarlane) and the under-investigation Tom Barrack.

3/ Barrack, a Trump/Keane associate, was just overseas hawking Trump's Mideast Marshall Plan—a grand nuclear bargain between Russia, Israel, Egypt, UAE, and Saudi Arabia aimed at weakening Iran—and now Keane has Trump's ear on when to attack Iran? Who's running US foreign policy?

4/ The plot to plunge America into an Iran war that could destabilize the planet isn't just the top story in America—it's the top story in the world. Every journalist should know the names of those involved, so when they pop up in stories connections between events can be caught.

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