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I am reading @annaperho's book Antisäätäjä and translating stuff I find worth tweeting.

"We love being busy because it works as an excuse for any kind of neglect."... "As long as no one questions the validity of being busy, each of us can use it as an excuse."

"The feeling busy is removed or at least greatly reduced by knowing you are not missing out anything more important right now."

"Goals that contain comparatives such as 'I am going to eat healthier' or 'I will be calmer' do not work. They belong to the endless stream of wishful thinking where change is as likely as winning the lottery."

"When you are serious [about a goal], your behavior changes. You do something differently than before."

"If you want something to get done, decide where and when that happens.
… 'This week' is not enough. 'Tomorrow' is really not enough. Today in the kitchen at 17:00 is enough."

"Unfortunately decisions do not arrive on our desk in the order of importance. That's why effective decision making cannot be constant reacting to the newest requests. In order for us to do quality work, it needs to be reacting to the most important things."

"Even the words 'paying attention' reminds us that paying attention comes at a cost."

"Your creativity will probably help you come up with more streamlined ways to get through the routines."

"No schedule, calender setup or a good decision will reduce the stress you feel about your time use, unless you base them on what is the most important to you."

"As long as a person is capable of positive expectations of the future, maybe even just of the current day, they stay alive."
I tend to call this the time horizon and it's interesting how it shrinks with depression and grows with hope.

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