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Er…Number of congressional districts per state must be determined on the basis of total population, per the Constitution. But we need to come up with a better alternative to the census which is costly and riddled with inaccuracies. One approach - use data from DMVs, schools.

2. The decennial Census was designed with older data collection methodologies and data processing capabilities in mind - we can now collect and process data in real time - don’t have to wait every 10 years - so why are we still using an approach outlined in the late 1700s?

3. Process of Congressional districting itself has been hijacked (“gerrymandering”) by both major political parties to eliminate competition from third parties - it’s undemocratic and results in districts that look like👇. Why not use computers to come up with a better solution?

4. The 2010 US census cost $13 billion (Operational costs alone were $5.4 billion.), approximately $42 per capita; by comparison, the 2010 census per-capita cost for China was about $1 and for India was $0.40.

The 2020 census could cost US $15 billion. 

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