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Twitter, I will be in Asheville next week, should I go see this, y/n?  https://www.exploreasheville.com/event-calendar/detail/trae-crowder%E2%80%99s-(the-liberal-redneck)-wellred-comedy-tour-with-drew-morgan-and-corey-ryan-forrester/24837/ 

It is official: I'm going to see this comedy show! This will be, believe it or not, the first live comedy show I've ever attended. Excited!

But I also want to say a rousing FCK YOU to @EtixWorld for charging $8 in "convenience fees" *per ticket*. Vultures.

And while I'm bragging on my upcoming vacation: the day after seeing @traecrowder in Asheville, I'm going to see @theavettbros at the @Forecastle Festival in Louisville. I'm making the most of my visit South!

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