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Festival charging different prices based on race... 👎🏾

Well done intersectional radicals. You've become the very racists you claim to stand against.

So woke... So very woke.

Would have loved to be at the meeting where they discussed this.

This is the kind of BS that happens when people think diversity just means different skin tones rather than ways of thinking and opinions.

No remotely grounded, sane person would have approved this idea.

This is legitimately offensive to everybody.

Truly terrible business decision...

To everyone asking. Yes it is real.


This is what the future holds if people don't call out this crap.

It's especially pervasive in arts and entertainment. People applaud it and say it's 'progression'.

I've been ringing the alarm bell for a while... Please pay attention.

Best thing to do would be just boycott festivals, events, universities, etc. with racist and sexist practices.

I mean ACTUALLY racist and sexist.

This is egregious.

Let them get woke and go broke.

Stuff like this angers me. It's a huge step backward.

I'm an independent artist.

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Woah. That took off...

Here's a revolutionary idea for all my fellow humans...

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