Maryam Rajavi @Maryam_Rajavi National Council of Resistance of Iran President-elect, leading voice on women’s empowerment and tolerance @Maryam_Rajavi_F @Maryam_Rajavi_P @Maryam_Rajavi_A Jul. 06, 2019 1 min read

Fellow compatriots, supporters of the Resistance, your presence in Berlin, in this third demonstration following the major gatherings in Brussels and Washington, D.C., has a clear message for our country and our people who are fed up with the regime. #Iran #FreeIran

In this grand demonstration, your message and the message of the people of #Iran to the world and particularly to Europe is this: Stop the policy of giving concessions to the religious dictatorship. #FreeIran 

Isn’t 40 years enough for espousing the mirage of reform and the myth of moderation and reform in the clerical regime? #Iran #FreeIran

The mullahs impudently speak every day of resorting to uranium enrichment and preparing for a nuclear bomb. If the mullahs were not so sure of their relations with Europe, how could they be so insolent? #Iran #FreeIran

Did the history of Germany and other European nations not teach the world what a heavy and bloody price humanity has to pay for appeasement of fascism? #FreeIran

The religious fascism in #Iran is the greatest threat to peace in the world today. #FreeIran 

What we have urged is that western governments do not help the mullahs remain in power. #Iran #FreeIran 

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