Maryam Rajavi+ Your Authors @Maryam_Rajavi National Council of Resistance of Iran President-elect, leading voice on women’s empowerment and tolerance @Maryam_Rajavi_F @Maryam_Rajavi_P @Maryam_Rajavi_A Jul. 06, 2019 1 min read + Your Authors

Germany’s Department of Protection of the Constitution asserts every year including just a few days ago, that the #Iran ian Embassy is engaged in espionage against their opponents, particularly against PMOI and NCRI. So, why is it that this embassy is not shut down? #FreeIran

The prosecution, punishment and expulsion of the mercenaries of the #Iran ian Intelligence Ministry & the Revolutionary Guard Corps, as well as the EU declaration of April 29, 1997 must be implemented and enforced. #FreeIran 

As for #HumanRights, please allow me to particularly ask Mrs. Merkel: #FreeIran 

On behalf of the #Iran ian people’s Resistance, I would like to reiterate: #FreeIran 

I would like to extend my warmest gratitude to German dignitaries and MPs, esp. members of the German Committee in Solidarity with a #FreeIran. The assistance of these honorable women & men is a golden page in the history of relations between the nations of Germany and #Iran.

With a nation determined to overthrow the mullahs’ regime, with your passion and love of freedom, and with the resolve of resistance units and the battle waged by the Army of Freedom, #Iran will be free. #FreeIran 

Hail to you, supporters and honorable friends of the Iranian Resistance. #Iran #FreeIran 

Mit grossem Dank an Euch Alle, Ashrafunterstützer und Freunde des Iranischen Widerstandes

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