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Yes, but; this is a risk assessment game, and the risks of moving fast have to be weighed against the risks of not moving fast. If we gave space shuttle- level scrutiny to every flag flip, this industry would screech to a halt.

I know this is a weird argument coming from me, but the reason I'm arguing for better tooling is *so that* we can continue to move fast, with an appropriate degree of confidence.

It's in no way clear to me that we are "lacking in discipline and care" as an industry 🤔

and in my experience heavily moralizing language like this is unnecessary and mostly provokes defensive reactions.

Your bitcoin app is not the Challenger. Humans can't sustain that kind of paranoid attention to detail. That's why we build tooling to do it for us.

The way we ship software isn't fundamentally broken, and humans aren't weak or lazy. The elephant in the room is ok!

Our tools have gotten us a long way. Our risk assessment works more often than it fails us. But we are due for some upgrades. We can always do better! 💃🎉🕺

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