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Should we build skyscrapers out of wood?
Jan Lyczakowski of @CamNatMat is here to explain why we should consider #TimberTowers

“Hold on”, you’re probably saying, “Wooden towers? Surely they can’t be serious!”
Well the innovators @Cambridge_Uni have developed a new form of timber that is perfect for construction.
And don’t call us Shirley. #SummerScience

“So it’s a safe and reliable building material, but we already have concrete. Why use wood?”
Concrete construction generates about 8% of the world’s emissions, making it a key factor in #climatechange. #TimberTowers would actually trap CO2 & make new managed forests

The scientists @CamNatMat are not only building #TimberTowers, they are revolutionising our understanding of timber at a molecular level #SummerScience

Come and discuss all this and more at our #SummerScience exhibition. It’s running all weekend, with activities and events for all ages, and best of all, it’s #free 

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