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Tempted to get one more thing before the Steam sale ends...

*Browses wishlist*


In the running...

Slay The Spire
Edith Finch
Bloody Spell

Probably more, I don't know...

Still haven't decided what to get. Thinking maybe I should snag Death of the Outsider, 'cos I want to get to it sometime after I play Dishonored 2.

Quite a few other games I'm tempted to grab as well. It's hard to decide.

I should probably get Edith Finch because I asked John Romero to recommend me a game, and that's what he recommended me, so it's been on my to-do list for a while.

I finally made the decision and bought Iconoclasts.

Oh heck, I just got another €5 off! Guess I'm buying Edith Finch as well! 🤣

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