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Kodak invented the digital camera but was so driven by short term quarter to quarter thinking that it failed to capitalize on it

When you hand the company to the spreadsheet folks, you miss opportunities because they look for 1%, not 1000% wins 

Wonder if there is any overlap between the folks who said this and the angry troll mob that stalks @elonmusk

Today Kodak is trading below book value (market cap of only $105M) with $1.5B in liabilities and $240M cash.

Just sold the most profitable line of business to make a debt payment.

Analysts think they have a year or two before death 🎞 💀 

Great breakdown of how Fujifilm escaped this fate

> In 2001, the film sales peaked worldwide but as the president of Fujifilm remembers: “a peak always conceals a treacherous valley.” 

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