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We'd like to present 🌊The Ocean Game🌊 A new simulation game from the L.A. Times.
Rising seas threaten a small coastal town. You’re in charge. You have 8 turns and limited money. Can you win?

Will you choose to build a seawall?  https://lat.ms/2L3MKup 

Will you add sand to preserve the beach?  https://lat.ms/2L3MKup 

Or will you get people to move?  https://lat.ms/2L3MKup 

Play The Ocean Game! And see if you can overcome the slow-moving disaster of sea level rise.  https://lat.ms/2L3MKup 

This game is based on real-world scenarios happening right now along the California coast. Here's our special report on how coastal cities are dealing with the reality of rising seas.  http://www.latimes.com/sealevelrise/ 

The sea level rise project was the result of months of in-depth reporting and production. Consider supporting our journalism with a subscription.  https://checkout2.latimes.com/ 

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