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Since some of you bigots are having difficulty understanding what is and what isn't racist (your white privilege is showing), I’ve written a helpful thread. Please pay attention to know what to avoid.

I don’t want to have to cancel you...

Racist Things in 2019:
-Seeing race
-Not seeing race
-Being attracted to people of different ethnicities
-Not being attracted to people of different ethnicities
-Saying you have black friends
-Saying you don’t have black friends

-Moving into ethnically diverse neighbourhoods
-Moving out of ethnically diverse neighbourhoods
-The ‘OK’ hand gesture 👌🏻
-Hot dogs
-Being Republican
-Being conservative
-Being libertarian
-Being centrist

-Not supporting open borders
-Not hating Trump
-The MAGA cap
-Advocating free speech
-The US flag
-The Confederate flag
-The Betsy Ross flag

There are more but that should be enough to get you started.

No excuses now! ✊🏾 Be better...

Adding more:

-Eating meat
-Voter ID
-Cooking food from other countries/cultures
-Hotel shampoo
-Air pollution
-Climate change

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