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10 amazing articles you can read that may teach you something new.

1. Did you know that 15 out of Jumia's first 50 employees have built successful startups? What about Jumia's culture fosters this? Is Jumia the perfect breeding ground for entrepreneurs? 

2. If you want to play on the tech field, you may be struggling to find successful women to look up to. Not again! This @TechCabal gallery features and profiles 50 amazing women in Lagos and shoes that tech goes way beyond coding. 

3. A small part of a huge pie is better than all of a tiny pie. This story shows how a group of women in Kenya came together, pooled funds and built a block of flats for rent. Alone, they may never have been landlords. Together, they run am estate. 

4. Every brand tells a story, whether the brand owners are intentional about it or not. Nigeria is Africa's largest brand but the image is often disjointed, poorly delivered and inconsistent.

So, what does the world really think of Nigerians? 

5a. The way you give feedback is very important. Plussing is a technique that helps you build up your team mate, while giving them feedback on how to improve their work. If you employ the plussing method, you will see significant improvement. 

5b. I also share practical ways to pass on tough or difficult information, without breaking people down in the process.

Key points: you cannot build something by chipping away at it.

6. We know that only 2% of VC funds go to women and only 8% of top VC partners are women. So, someone did the hard work of speaking with 21 Female VCs and they share their candid experiences about trying to open up the doors to more women. 

7. If you want to know where to start on building financial independence, this article by @gabomin breaks down the steps you can follow to budget properly. Money is a tool and those who skillfully master how to use it, enjoy it. 

8. There are over 200 bodies on Mount Everest, the most famous of which is Green Boots. Once someone dies, they can't be brought down ...too risky for the climbers to use their little oxygen/energy for that. Sometimes, these bodies serve as guide posts. 

9. If you want to increase your salary, your best bet is to move abroad before 35. This Bloomberg study shows that expats between 18 and 34 in the US, Singapore, Turkey and Indonesia have a higher chance of earning 100k USD annually.
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10. Majority of your favorite business leaders in Nigeria own a second passport or residency. What does this say about the correlation between a second passport / residency and high-flying economic mobility for Nigerians?

Article coming soon. Stay tuned!

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