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By the way, I think it's rather important that while we criticize the AAA industry for microtransactions and predatory monetization, that we highlight good games that do not engage in such practices.

Hence why, I recommend so many indies and do not shut up about 'em.

Steamworld Quest was one of the best games I've played this year by far, Bloodstained is terrific, The Missing was amazing, Donut County was so god damn good, Baba is You is adorable and frustrating, and I can't *NOT* give another shout out to Lucah: ‚Ķ

Talk about the games you love.

GUSH about them! Tell folks how you loved the characters in Unavowed, how beautiful and melancholy Hollow Knight is, or how that one game that's been on your library forever is amazing now that you've finally got around it it! Spread your joy!

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