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Hundreds of hospice care facilities across the country were found to have serious, life-threatening deficiencies, according to an investigation by the HHS Inspector General that was obtained by @NBCNews.  https://nbcnews.to/2NJyucn  (1/6)

More than 80% of hospice facilities had at least one deficiency, most of those had multiple deficiencies.

1 in 5 had a serious deficiency. (2/6)

Investigators uncovered examples of poor care or abuse in hospice facilities that included the following.

 http://nbcnews.to/2NJyucn  (3/6)

“When we looked into some of the more extreme examples of how those deficiencies can impact patients, we found cases where patients were actually harmed by their hospice care,” Erin Bliss, assistant inspector general at HHS, says. (4/6)

In some cases, criminal charges have been filed against hospice facilities, owners and employees.

Some hospice facilities were also cited for inadequate training, failing to monitor medications and providing fewer services than were called for in a patient’s plan. (5/6)

The Office of Inspector General encourages anyone who has experienced or witnessed abuse, neglect, poor care or financial irregularities in a hospice to contact the hospice administrator, the state dept. of health and the Medicare hotline at 1-800-Medicare.

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