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We're launching a Patreon with a bit of premium content for our subscribers, including interviews with our researchers ("Bellingchat"), where they can detail their research methods and findings. All of our articles will continue to be free, of course! 

Our first two entries for "Bellingchat" are interviews with @vpkivimaki on the changing OSINT landscape following his recent article with @JanesINTEL, and a quick interview with @chargodart on her recent guide on using Tweetdeck for research. 

We're also including a bit of a higher contributor tier that'll give you first notice on our future workshop announcements, as a thanks for your support. 

We aren't putting any sort of paywall on our site anything like that in the future, but we just wanted to provide a way for our readers to send in donations and get a little something extra for their generosity. Before, we could just take PayPal donations. 

For the folks who are generous enough to sign up on Patreon, feel free to send in any comments on if you'd like to hear from any of our researchers on a recent article they've published and we'll see if they have time to record a (Belling)chat. Thanks all! 

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