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That crazy Epstein - NXIVM connection.

'With the Saturday arrest of Jeffrey Epstein - who is reportedly offering to name elite pedophiles in exchange for leniency, a leaked copy of the billionaire sex predator's "little black book" may provide some insight into some very rich individuals who should be nervous now.'

'The book was smuggled out of Epstein's residence by his former house manager, Alfredo Rodriguez, who was busted trying to sell it in 2009 for $50,000 - only to get caught, charged with obstruction of justice, and die in prison after 18 months from a 'long illness.''

You can take a look for yourself at Jeffrey Epstein's little black book here: 

Among the names mentioned:

Ralph Fiennes
Alec Baldwin
David Blaine
Jimmy Buffett 
Courtney Love
Charlie Rose
Mike Wallace 
Barbara Walters
Ehud Barak
Tony Blair
David Koch 
John Gutfreund
Prince Andrew

And of course: 

Bill Clinton and Donald Trump 

The media will no doubt make much of POTUS' mention in Epstein's little black book, but as we've covered, POTUS knew Epstein, was the only one to fully cooperate with prosecutors in the past & kicked Epstein out of Mar-A-Lago upon learning that Epstein was recruiting girls there.

Perhaps less known would be this little juicy nugget.

Edgar Bronfman, Jr.
Lexa Partners, LLC

Just upon my initial search, very little is known about Lexa Partners.

It's described as a management venture capital group based in NY City.

And the only known staff member I can find was Edgar Bronfman Jr himself (Chairman, CEO)


As the son of Edgar Bronfman Sr., he is an heir to the Seagram's fortune, and half brother to Clare Bronfman, who pleaded guilty to charges in connection with NXIVM.

IF Epstein is going to name elite pedophiles in exchange for leniency, then his little black book does provide insight as to who should be nervous right now.

Wonder how Edgar Bronfman Jr. is sleeping these days.

Credit to anon on /qresearch/ for the Epstein - NXIVM graphic (see above)

Let's not forget that crazy NXIVM - Clinton Global Initiative connection either! 


Epstein was reportedly one of the original funders / founders of the Clinton Global Initiative.

Then there's the LDR connection between the Bronfman's / NXIVM and Epstein:

Wealth Management firm, Bronfman Rothschild, was acquired by the Bronfman and E.L. Rothschild families in 2015.

LDR is Chair of E.L Rothschild. 

LDR is listed on the Epstein flight logs under Lynn Forester, and her step daughter, Jessica Rothschild (as well as Hannah Rothschild) are listed in Epstein's little black book.

Pg 47 

Pg 66 

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