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Top 5 Games Karl Marx would have loved (No. 1 will shock you).

Let's take a look at games through socialist analysis, and determine which titles most embody Marxist values, in this thread I will...

#5 - Watchdogs 2.

Surprisingly class conscious as heck, the game sees you take down obnoxious billionaire techbros. If Marx was alive to see the world today, he'd get some serious catharsis from this!

#4 - Bloodstained - Ritual of the Night

Not because of the themes therein, but because of it being one of the greatest examples of Kickstarter success. People pooling their resources together to help make something great? Marx would've been proud!

#3 - Bioshock

A specter haunts Rapture, the specter of capitalism.

#2 - Night in the Woods

No fascists at this party.

#1 - Stardew Valley

You own the means of production!

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