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Let’s have yet another post 24 week abortion in Canada chat, shall we?
They can be surgical or an induction of labor.
Almost all are lethal/near anomalies. Technically an induction at 36 weeks for a lethal anomaly is an abortion, tho most don’t think of it that way. 1/5

If there is a maternal health indication the treatment is induction or c-section unless there is a lethal/near lethal anomaly. Severe IUGR at 25 weeks might count if 300 g or so. If you don’t know what IUGR means you shouldn’t be opining here. 2/5

A very few close to 24 weeks are rape. Sometimes it takes a while to access care in that situation. Fear of being judged, distrust of doctors/authorities etc. A compassionate person could see that. 3/5

And a few close to 24 weeks are for maternal request, as valid a need as any other. These are very rare in Canada, probably unheard of, as abortion is typically easier to access and typically free. Studies in the US tell us they happen because of the time it took to raise $ 4/5

Although it is possible a few happen. The way to prevent these abortions is to make abortion access universal. 5/5

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