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Maritza Vasquez worked for Karin Models in Miami as a bookkeeper from 1998-2003 & from 2003-08 after Jean-Luc Brunel dissolved it and opened MC2 when Epstein began funding it and model apartments

Deposition-June 24, 2010

Vasquez met Epstein once — In 2003 at the MC2 launch party in NY

Brunel told her Epstein was funding M2 and model apartments...

Models were staying in Epstein apartments — “all the little girls”

Epstein wasn’t charging Brunel to stay in apartments he owned but Brunel was charging the girls $1000/mo

2-3 apartments, 4 girls per apartment

Here’s the part of the depo that mentions that Epstein, Brunel & a woman in France were planning another company & Epstein wanted it to be like @realDonaldTrump’s “modeling” agency

Epstein was paying for visas for girls

Nadia Marcinikova came on a model visa prior to 2003 at age 14 but never modeled...ever.

There was a problem with her visa due to them giving the wrong info, and Epstein & Brunel blamed another bookkeeper, Eva in NY.

“...and Jean-Luc himself was driving the girls to [Epstein’s] house because he was having a party and there were supposed to be girls”

“4 girls from Brazil”

Two of the girls were 14 or 15 and 13 or 14 when they were brought to the US by Epstein/Brunel’s mc2 “modeling agency”

Brunel is a cocaine addict.

Told Vasquez he wanted to sleep with one of the underage girls.

Another time after one of the times Brunel took girls to a club in Miami Beach, one of the 14 yr old girls said the police had been asking questions.

Sergio Cordero’s role was to get girls for Epstein (presumably in South America)

Brunel told Cordero he needed to bring girls for when Epstein went to Ecuador

Vasquez knew Epstein liked young girls from Brunel saying so.

Brunel would take minor girls to Epstein’s house.

Two of the girls she knew of were 15 years old and Brazilian

Khalid Mohammed: “scouter & booker” Khalid Salaam: “model scout” usually from within the US.

She was falsely accused by a Jeff Fuller of stealing and got 20 yrs probation🤨

Many many girls came on tourist visas, & weren’t working.

Epstein pressured Brunel to get working visas.

Brunel/Epstein kept 30% of their income even before they were legal.

Mc2 was in the red but Brunel falsified statements to make Epstein think it was making a profit.

Epstein told Brunel to open an account and transfer money to the British Virgin Islands.

Brunel would make like $20k on a shoot, give the girl $2k and pay no taxes.

Apparently someone named Gypsy also provided Epstein with girls.

Brunel is definitely a pedo

Involvement with “modeling agencies” in South America & EU

Someone named Simon Parra would lend money to MC2

Brunel never mentioned Epstein until 2003 when Epstein began funding Mc2

At any given time MC2 would have 200-300 girls under them

Epstein & Brunel kept girls in two apts Epstein owned and they also rented apts in NY.

Brunel decides which girls live where

She was told by another bookkeeper that Epstein got started with money from a girlfriend’s father.

They talk about Maxwell here but in the book Filthy Rich, it mentions Epstein dating Ace Greenberg’s daughter Lynne & getting into Bear Stearns 🤷🏻‍♀️

She knew Brunel was taking underage girls to Epstein’s house in 2003-2005 bc Brunel would brag about it in the office. The girls he referred to were all underage.

Epstein and Brunel have a young woman in Brazil who provided them with 16-18 yr old “prostitutes”

Edwards asks about a 13yo Colombian girl

Vasquez talks about people changing their tune after being paid off

Vasquez says the girls do whatever they’re told and she used to counsel them by saying that they work, but after that they don’t need to do what ppl tell them to do

Girls who did jobs for $100-200k would come back upset saying they didn’t want to work there again bc they were being molested.

One Brazilian girl was hired for a 3 day job for $15-20k per day. After the shoot, she refused to go on the guy’s yacht and he fired her

Brunel is broke and makes mc2 pay his credit cards before they pay models

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