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Migrant kids in Arizona border station allege sexual assault and retaliation by U.S. agents.  http://nbcnews.to/2JqOMCP 

A 15-year-old girl from Honduras describes a large, bearded officer putting his hands inside her bra, pulling down her underwear, and groping her as part of what was meant to be a routine pat down in front of other immigrants and officers.


"U.S. Customs and Border Protection treats those in our custody with dignity and respect...The allegations do not align with common practice at our facilities and will be fully investigated," a CBP spokesperson said in a statement on the Yuma allegations.


Children said officers would get angry if they asked for anything. One child wore soiled underwear for the 10 days he was in the border station because he was afraid to ask officers for a clean pair, according to one report.


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