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Last summer was the third consecutive year where participation in the nation’s federal summer nutrition programs fell — reversing previous gains and underscoring the difficulties of closing the widening summer meal gap, a new FRAC report shows.  https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/hunger-takes-no-summer-break-when-school-s-out-challenge-n1025866  (1/7)

During the school year, Asideu knows her daughter, Nhyira, has access to food. But the summer months were precarious until she learned her local recreation center also provided meals.

"I'm so blessed we have this," she says. (2/7)

Federally funded summer meal programs are available 5 days a week at no cost to participants at almost 49,000 sites across the country. But despite best efforts by officials and advocacy groups, hunger has worsened in most states. (3/7)

The decrease in summer meal engagement becomes clear when comparing it to the school year. For every 100 low-income children who received a school lunch in the 2017-18 school year, only 14 children received a summer lunch in July 2018, down from 15 children in July 2017. (4/7)

Researchers say the number of children participating in summer nutrition programs is down during the summer because children aren't able to access these free meals as easily as they would during the school year due to lack of transportation or community sponsors. (5/7)

FRAC wants states to raise the bar by feeding at least 40 children a summer meal for every 100 children participating in school year lunch. To achieve this, they suggest lowering eligibility thresholds, serving 3 meals a day and increasing funding during the summer. (6/7)

Despite the USDA rolling back national school nutrition standards, some states continue to make strides.

To reach more children, some communities use mobile delivery in centralized neighborhoods. (7/7)  https://nbcnews.to/2XEdAuC  #NBCNewsThreads

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