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What font is this?

I’m thinking:
Swiss Chalet had drunk sex with a Renaissance Festival Republic

Now I’m going to have to eat there so I can live tweet it


Everything has donky sauce. Like everything.
And these names...

I ordered brisket tacos. I...I am not sure what I have done but it seemed the safest bet.

The cocktails look like a 16 year old from Flin Flon, Manitoba’s version of Tiki Bar drinks so hard pass.

I can’t get over the combination of cranberry relish and BBQ chips in a sandwich. I can’t.

What IS super meaty cheese or SMC? How does that differ from cheese?
The server could not tell me.
Secretly I am thinking Velveeta of whatever that cheese product is...

That “tatted up” turkey burger looks like rectal carnage, that’s all I’m saying.

That is super melty cheese.
Sorry, my autocomplete rejected it several times and tbh I think it was a warning.

Here we go.
Looks like the stuff that flies out of people when they get stabbed on Game of Thrones.
And what demon cubes brisket?

Is it called donkey sauce because the garlic gives it a kick?

I survived. It was unpleasant.

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