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The framing of Trump's approach to the census has been wrong. The simple explanation for what he's trying to do is that he wants to commit a *massive fraud* on the American people. He's demanding a *wildly* inaccurate census count to gain political advantage. Again, it's *fraud*.

1/ When researchers discovered evidence of the true intent behind Trump's demand for a wildly inaccurate census count, what they had uncovered was a conspiracy to defraud American voters by corrupting a constitutionally mandated government function.

Few scandals could be bigger.

2/ When Trump took his Oath of Office, part of what he took an oath to do was to execute all constitutionally mandated government functions consistent with their purpose. When he chose to conspire to produce a fradulent census count, he violated his Oath of Office in a vile way.

3/ Trump's vile, fradulent, and indeed impeachable conduct with respect to the census is part of a *pattern* of conduct whose general outline is unmistakable: a deliberate and systemic attempt to pervert the Constitution and our government for his own personal and political gain.

4/ I've intermittently seen OK coverage of Trump's conspiracy to destroy the census⁠—but rarely do we get a true sense of the stakes, the fact that this was a conspiracy to subvert the Constitution, or the rampant lawlessness undergirding the actions Trump and his cronies took.

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