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We know Epstein managed money for Mideast billionaires and had a photo of MBS in his mansion. Wouldn't it be wild if we found out Trump's pal Epstein was managing US investments for MBS? The only thing more wild would be if Trump had visited Epstein in his home while president...

...I mean, there's *no question* that *multiple* U.S. reporters have *directly asked the president* whether he's ever entered Jeffrey Epstein's Florida home since his election, right? Surely we have Donald Trump *on video* denying he *ever* went to Epstein's house in 2017, right?

I only ask this because it would be *so crazy to me* if a *veritable army* of U.S. reporters had not tracked down *every single person who has acted as a representative or interlocutor for Jeffrey Epstein* and asked them if they know whether Trump went to Epstein's house in 2017.

(Just thinking through the questions I'd ask if I were a reporter and Trump had denied via lawyers any social relationship with Epstein but had also been accused of raping girls at his house, and if Epstein were maybe an agent of a Saudi pal of Trump's who's an enemy of America.)

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