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US-Taliban talks inch America closer to withdrawing from Afghanistan.  https://nbcnews.to/2jAvRew  (1/4)

Earlier this week, Taliban officials and Afghan notables issued a “road map to peace."

Within hours, US diplomats resumed talks with the fundamentalist fighters. Soon after, the US envoy for Afghan reconciliation went to China ahead of trip to DC to report on the process. (2/4)

The envoy says these talks have been the “most productive session” since last year. At best, these talks represent the first steps toward ending the war, but withdrawing US troops would not guarantee an end to the fighting between the militants and the Afghan government. (3/4)

Many fear the US-Taliban talks will not halt the conflict but merely see the end of American involvement. And even if a possible deal turns out to be a first step to peace, women and ethnic minorities wonder what peace with the Taliban would look like. (4/4)


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