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Allan Dershowitz Making America Great Again

"What happened to Alan Dershowitz," people have asked.

How did a "liberal" Harvard professor turn full-on MAGA?


🤔Epstein’s accuser Giuffre said she forced to have sex with powerful men, including Alan Dershowitz.

I am NOT suggesting that Dershowitz (and others like him) are full-on MAGA because they’re afraid of blackmail . . .

3/4 I am suggesting that he—like others on Team Trump— believe that liberalism has gone too far with regulations and restraints.

I've argued that they want to go back to the time when it wasn’t illegal for wealthy men to take advantage of very young vulnerable girls . . .


There was a time when seducing 13 and 14 years olds was not a crime. See👇

In fact, not only was it legal, if the girl fell prey, SHE was blamed!

It was the woman who was shamed. She had fallen.
Who wore the scarlet letter? Not the man.


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