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According to data released today by the Office of Government Ethics, the White House says it waived the requirement to pay a late fee 13 times in calendar year 2018 when its staff failed to meet the deadline for filing financial disclosures, meaning they did not have to pay.

The White House said it collected the $200 late fee 14 times in calendar year 2018.

According to the data released today, the White House says it referred a former staffer to DOJ back in 2018 for legal action after the staffer failed to file a termination financial disclosure report. (WH does not indicate if this was the Omarosa Manigault Newman referral.)

The White House responded "don't know/don't track" to OGE's questions about the number of recusals, divestitures, resignations from outside positions, reassignments, and "other not listed" remedial actions based on info in disclosures.

(For a frame of reference: Dept. Commerce, DoD, Dept Education, DOE, HHS, DHS, Dept Labor, DOT tracked all or most of this information; but USDA, DOJ, HUD, State, Treasury and VA failed to track any; and Interior tracked only divestitures.)

The White House Office reported to the Office of Government Ethics that it had 364 employees as of December 31, 2018.

In the data from the White House that OGE released today, the White House confirmed @CREWcrew's suspicion that its top ethics position was vacant on 12/31/18 (it may have been vacant from August 2018 until February or March 2019). 

Here's the raw data from OGE. 

For a baseline, here's the White House data for 2017, which OGE released in 2018. Notably, 17 White House officials failed to sign the Trump ethics pledge in 2017. The White House claims it had 100% compliance in 2018. OGE does not validate the responses. 

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