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I'm making an exception to my rule re: not discussing how I feel about the Democratic candidates. When billionaire Tom Steyer militated for something he believed in while saying he didn't want to run America, I was OK with him. Now that he admits he wants to run America, I'm not.

1/ In America we let billionaires do whatever they want, including, as we've seen with Trump, commit obstruction of justice and rape women and try to lie the country into war. A billionaire unwilling to be told "you can't ALSO have the presidency" is someone who needs to go away.

2/ Wealth is *not a prerequisite* for public service, *nor is it even a credential*. It wasn't when Trump ran in 2016, and it isn't now. The sooner America makes clear to its moneyed class that they have *no special hold on or claim to* public office, the better off we'll all be.

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