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What is this?

2. The official House Democrats account is using @AOC’s words about Pelosi and targeting her chief of staff? I’ve never seen anything like this.

3. @RepJeffries controls this account given his leadership position. I’m not saying he tweeted this personally but is he targeting @AOC?

4. Speaker Pelosi’s Deputy Chief of Staff has retweeted this tweet.

5. I mean why does this remind me of when Kim Kardashian posted those Taylor Swift videos or when Taylor posted the essay about Scooter Braun on Tumblr

Or the whole beauty community YouTube drama.

6. @AOC’s Chief of Staff, @saikatc, reacts to the tweet from the official House Dems account

7. @RepJeffries communications director, @michaelhardaway, (who also serves as comms director for the @HouseDemocrats), tweeted this out.

It’s a screenshot from Menace II Society. This scene is known as “payback for Harold”

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