ZUBY: @ZubyMusic Rapper | Podcaster | Author | Free Thinker | Oxford Graduate. 📺 youtube.com/zubymusic 💪🏾 Get my new fitness eBook 'Strong Advice' gumroad.com/l/zubyfitness Jul. 13, 2019 1 min read

Modern society has successfully emasculated a high % of Western men. They never stood a chance.

Much of this was done intentionally and dudes are embracing their own downfall. Sad.

By 2040, having functioning testicles and visible muscle mass will put you in the top 1%.

I'm not being hyperbolic.

People are already saying that men can get pregnant and have periods so...

This is what's happening right now.

Distinguishing between the sexes could be hate speech by 2040 too.

We're all supposed to be amorphous, androgynous blobs.

And increasing numbers of people my age are pledging not to reproduce because of 'climate change'. 😂

It's over. It was a good run.

I recommend learning Mandarin and Arabic. 👍🏾

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