Yashar Ali 🐘 @yashar New York Magazine/HuffPost Contributor Email: [email protected] Direct Messages Open Text/Call/Signal/Confide/WhatsApp: 310-795-2497. Agents: UTA Jul. 13, 2019 1 min read

Im so sorry you’ve gone through what is a really difficult experience alone @Screamnshout5.

I’m gonna DM you, but I know there are lots of wonderful people on this website who will make you feel supported and loved.


2. You all are the best. I just checked and there are over 800 replies to Laura’s tweet so far.

I can’t believe I can tweet and make things like this happen.

It feels like magic and I know I’m very lucky.


3. OMG over 2,200 replies....😭😭😭

Thank you for being so wonderful!

4. Almost 4,000 replies. 😭

Thank you so much!!!

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