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More than a thousand protestors have gathered in central Moscow to demand that opposition candidates be added to the ballot for September’s Moscow parliament elections.

brought his dog to the protests

who’s cutest

has announced a hunger strike until she and other candidates are allowed to ballot

The protest is now moving down to City Hall, just steps from the Kremlin. It hasn’t been authorized by city authorities. Arrests could be around the corner

The scene as the protestors approach City Hall

Police lock gates to City Hall but just watching along for now

next to a plaque of Lenin at City Hall, @IlyaYashin says the people deserve the right to vote

Protestors demand Putin’s resignation

surprisingly authorities allow candidate after candidate to speak to the gathered protestors

announces the protest will continue tomorrow in the evening. As protestors disperse they take turns knocking on the front door to City Hall so their demands can be heard

audible. @SobolLubov is now leading protestors to the central election commission

Hundreds streaming through central Moscow now towards the commission building just steps from the Kremlin’s walls

“Navalny 2018” along the protest route

police try to stop protestors; @SobolLubov and @IoannZH demand to be let through

and they push through. now the protestors are outside of the election commission building demanding free elections

and still, surprisingly, there has been no police violence against protestors or arrests made today

protestors announce they won’t leave until of the head of the commission comes outside and talks to them. looks like we’ll be here a while

not to be left out, @IlyaYashin has returned

police let Yashin try to open door but it’s locked as it’s a Sunday. Yashin then gets a text that the head of Moscow’s election commission is currently at his summer house outside the city. Protestors steadily begin to thin out though several hundred still wait outside

current scene

Opposition candidate Lyubov Sobol calls for supporters to bring tents and water to wait outside the election commission building until it opens

protestors setting up mats for the night

According to the police monitoring group OVD Info, police are starting to detain the protesters  https://ovdinfo.org/news/2019/07/14/vstrecha-nezavisimyh-kandidatov-v-mosgordumu-s-izbiratelyami-v-centre-moskvy-onlayn 

Here's a clear view of the arrests, happening now

three of the opposition candidates leading the protests today, including @ilyayashin, @sobollubov and @IoannZH have been arrested

the peaceful protests didn't last long. 38 and counting detained now

opposition candidate Yulia @galiamina — who was detained this evening — announces that the protests will pick up again tomorrow evening at 7 pm

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