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The Gab founder just did a creepily happy nails-on-chalkboard Periscope rant about how it defeated Silicon Valley and continues to 'win' — after migrating to Mastodon and launching an ICO. Just hard to watch. But the impact on the Fediverse is fascinating:  https://www.theverge.com/2019/7/12/20691957/mastodon-decentralized-social-network-gab-migration-fediverse-app-blocking 

The 'server' social networking model (largely what Forums used to be) is certainly growing again in recent years, largely because of Slack, the Reddit revitalization, and most importantly, Discord. And that does present a lot of really important questions about the Internet.

Gab's concentration of hate is certainly unique — and I believe, obviously, condones moderation. The cloud providers made the right choice. But, with App Stores becoming the gatekeepers (Infowars, Gab bans, and Tumblr porn ban), where does their role lie in the app 'browser' era?

Despite all of the decentralization headwinds, it does feel like all of the same questions exist years into steering this next Internet. The long-term answer could very well be free — but the barriers to entry in communication protocols are dropping, and I fear that world equally

FOSTA's accomplishment appears to be an increase in the homicide rate of sex workers, as feared. It also pushed coded sex trafficking onto the private web, invisible from law enforcement and researchers. There are real consequences of a private Internet.

On @jack's podcast tour, and the combined JRE debate with @vijaya, Twitter's talking points were largely around this problem, with the benefits that arise from airing what hides in the darkness through public tweets. There is a lot of merit to that viewpoint.

There of course is also the problem of Internet permanence, and the disappearance of context and lack of sympathy that fuels a cancel culture. It's often just — but you can also see how toxic it is in pseudonymous subgroups, like the clashing K-pop armies.

It's an interesting time to be an Internet watcher. Some gate keeper tactics should be more concerning to everyone, like the banking blacklists brought on by shocking concentrations of power in (often wrong) up-stream data brokers, propelled by monopolistic financial reg capture.

I don't know. But I'm very excited to watch this all unfold. I have a feeling that the needle of progress will continue to point in a better direction — despite the hiccups, and the walls-closing-in perception of the broadcast.

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