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The Affordable Care Act was a historic achievement. 20 million Americans gained coverage. Over 100 million with pre-existing conditions finally got protection. We can’t tear it down.

So today, I’m releasing my plan to Protect & Build on Obamacare: 

I understand the appeal of Medicare for All — but folks supporting it should be clear that it means getting rid of Obamacare. And, I'm not for that.

We should protect and build upon the Affordable Care Act and the progress we’ve made. Not tear it down and start over.

Our plan will give Americans the choice to buy into a public option like Medicare. That’s the best way to lower costs and achieve universal coverage.

We will provide premium-free access to this public option — with the full scope of Medicaid benefits — for people who would otherwise qualify for Medicaid, but were denied access by governors and state legislatures.

For too many Americans with insurance, health care costs are still too high. Our plan will not only provide coverage for uninsured Americans, but it will also make health care more affordable for those who have it today.

Our plan will stand up to the abuse of power by prescription drug corporations and take concrete steps to lower drug prices for Americans. Because no one should have to choose between putting food on the table or filling their prescription.

In America, health care is a right — not a privilege dependent on your gender, race, sexual orientation, income or zip code. Our plan will address systemic inequities to ensure every American receives the care they need and deserve.

In a Biden administration, we’ll protect the Affordable Care Act and the progress we’ve made — and won’t rest until every American has the peace of mind that comes with quality, affordable health care.

Read the full plan here: 

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