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Rep. Ocasio-Cortez: President Trump's "go back" tweets use "hallmark language of white supremacists."  https://nbcnews.to/2XQq3vp 

Republican Sen. Toomey: “President Trump was wrong to suggest that four left-wing congresswomen should go back to where they came from ... The citizenship of all four is as valid as mine."

Republican Rep. Upton of Michigan: "The President’s tweets were flat out wrong and uncalled for, and I would encourage my colleagues from both parties to stop talking so much and start governing more."

Sen. Murkowski: "There is no excuse for the president’s spiteful comments –they were absolutely unacceptable and this needs to stop ... we must demand a higher standard of decorum and decency."

Republican Rep. Stefanik of New York: "It is unacceptable to tell legal US citizens to go back to their home country."

Republican Sen. Scott condemns President Trump's comments, saying that they included "racially offensive language."

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