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1/Thought I would take a moment to share our top secret plan @launch to provide a massive advantage to our partners: the founders of startups.

Please do not share this detailed plan, as it’s proprietary and confidential.

Here we go...

2/We provide free tickets, advice, networking, stage time and demo pit tables at our events like Launch Festival, Scale and  http://Founder.University  to startups.

In return we get to spend time with them, hear their vision & get to know them deeply....

3/I interview 130+ founders & investors for an hour or two EACH on my two podcasts,  http://ThisWeekinStartups.com  &  http://angelpodcast.com , every year in order to share lessons & inspiration with over 25M founders a year.

@TWistartups will hit 1,000 episodes over 10 years this fall

4/On the podcast & at the events, we invite them to apply to our accelerator & give them $100k for 6% (the industry standard). We accept ~1%

Our 15-person team spends 150 hours in 12 weeks with them in the program, working on their business & introducing them to 200 investors.

5/When they graduate we typically co-lead their seed rounds with our fund & the largest angel syndicate in the world:  http://thesyndicate.com 

We will invest another $250k to $1M in their startups, priced by the market. Sometimes we offer to do the entire round (4 of 5 accepted)

6/We join their boards & support them as they select their Series A investors. Since our syndicate has grown to over 3,200 members, we have started co-leading Series A investments, with $2-3M checks — which we never expected to be able to do, but  http://thesyndicate.com  is on 🔥

7/We then have the same founders we met on the podcast or at our events speak at our events and come on our podcast to inspire the next generation of founders... to come to our free events & listen to our podcast.

... the circle is then complete.... ALMOST!!!

8/I then personally train our best founders what I’ve learned about angel investing, have them join  http://thesyndicate.com , become SCOUTS for our funds and even.. wait for it... LPs in the funds!

Most of the time our founders experience failure & their companies shutdown.. so..

9/We are massively supportive of those founders& ask for only one thing for them as they shut down: they call us when they have another idea & let us write the first check into their NewCo

This is my top secret master plan to be the best investors of all time—please do not share

10/My email is [email protected] & if this sounds like the 10+ year relationship you want to have with, objectively, one of the five greatest angel investor of all time email me.

If you see me walking down the street, stop me and say “Can I tell you about my startup?”

11/I’ve had more success than anyone in this industry, my high school or my home town (JC is from BK) ever expected, & I plan on using my chip stack to invest in 100+ startups a year for the next decade—at least.

Who wants to do the work?

I’m here: [email protected]

You can follow @Jason.


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