Sean Duffy @RepSeanDuffy Devoted husband of one, proud father of eight, and the Representative for Wisconsin's Seventh District. Also at #GoPackGo Jul. 15, 2019 1 min read

The immigrants I know, including my mother-in-law, are the people most disgusted by Rep. Omar’s ingratitude to the nation who rescued her family from an African refugee camp and gave her the equivalent of a lottery ticket to come to the USA.

Unbelievably, her public speeches are littered with statements like, “I am ashamed of America’s hypocrisy," despite the fact that her story is proof of America’s generosity, goodness, and unparalleled opportunity.

It is also a testament to the prosperity created by American capitalism -- something Omar and others wish to destroy.

Those we invite to our country are not learning much about our greatness once they get here. That’s our fault. We must do a better job as a country and as parents of teaching civics and patriotism to our children.

Our schools and universities are far too obsessed with America’s shortcomings and are failing miserably at teaching our remarkable history of freedom, honoring our founding fathers, and passing on a love and respect for our exceptional country. That is sad and unsustainable.

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