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It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for. This Sunday we will celebrate 50 years since Neil Armstrong took his first steps onto the lunar surface. Let’s look back 50 years at the impact of this day. #Apollo50

Here's a look back at some of the profiles we’ve done over the past few months of the engineers and scientists who helped make #Apollo11 and the Apollo program happen. 



And here's a reading list of some of our favorite moon articles @techreview has written! #Apollo50 

It may feel close, but here’s why returning back to the lunar surface has taken decades. #Apollo50 

The moon isn’t the stable object we once thought it was. #Apollo50 

This marked the first ever soft landing of a craft on the far side of the moon. #Apollo50 

Although it ended in a crash, this was a crucial moment for moon exploration. #Apollo50th 

Lunar dust could be the key to building a moon-based telescope. #Apollo50 

Space technology has changed the world—but not in the way the dreamers of the 1960s imagined. #Apollo50 

A photo essay showing how engineers at an abandoned McDonald's are restoring high-resolution photos of the moon. #Apollo50 

When are we actually going to make it to Mars? And what can we learn from our lunar explorations. #Apollo50th 

Written by astronaut @TheRealBuzz himself, he outlines where we should explore next. #Apollo50th 

A return to the moon is hard to justify in practical terms, but it nonetheless seems almost inevitable—and that may be purpose enough. #Apollo50 

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