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Dreadful from @EmmaLewellBuck

"if it comes down to no Brexit or no-deal then I would go with no-deal because the consequences mean that Labour will not be in government in the future and we will lose seats. For me that is a far worse scenario than any Brexit outcome would be.”

The consequences of No Deal for South Shields would be appalling, and you know this @EmmaLewellBuck.

It would devastate the North East.

You are telling people that losing their jobs and their livelihoods will be worth it because there would then be a chance of a Labour Government. How much more conceited could you possibly be?

It's saying "Yes, I, your representative, will vote for you to be screwed, lose your job, not be able to pay your rent, have your life ruined, but, don't worry. If you vote for me again in a few years we'll come and save you."

A disgrace. A real disgrace to sell your people down the river on a false promise for (misplaced, all polling shows, incidentally) party gain.

Please go and talk to your brilliant colleague @Jude_KD and hope some common decency and humility rubs off on you.

And finally, you surely can't think the way to stop the far-right is to give them what they want? That they won't use that as a springboard for much worse things. That they'll say "thanks, that's all great now," and go home to watch Bargain Hunt?

I don't believe you think that.

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