Joe Biden @JoeBiden Senator, Vice President, 2020 candidate for President of the United States, husband to @DrBiden, proud father & grandfather. Loves ice cream, aviators & @Amtrak Jul. 17, 2019 1 min read

Rural communities power our nation. They feed our bodies and fuel our engines. A healthy, vibrant rural America is essential to the success of our country. That’s why I released my plan for rural America: 

My plan recognizes how much rural communities contribute to this nation and how much they’ve been hurt by this president’s damaging policies. We are going to build a pathway to the middle class for rural Americans, in rural America.

We will pursue a trade policy that works for American farmers, transform our agriculture sector, triple funding for rural broadband, and bring cutting-edge manufacturing jobs to rural America.

A Biden administration will help rural communities fully access federal resources and tackle persistent poverty in rural America.

Rural health care will be a top priority in the Biden administration. Under our plan, rural hospitals won’t be threatened by having to get by on low Medicare reimbursement rates for all.

We will provide rural hospitals with the adequate funding and flexibility they need to keep their doors open, double funding for community health centers, and expand the pipeline of rural health care providers.

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