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Some voters who broke for Trump in states like WI, MI, PA, OH were those who, like Trump, opposed TPP, NAFTA - wasn’t that they “hated” Hillary Clinton but that they hated NAFTA, which was passed under her husband and which such voters blamed for US manufacturing decline.

2. A key reason Trump won the presidency was that 43 percent of all union households, and a 52-percent majority of white union households, voted for Trump. “No Republican had done so well with union households since Ronald Reagan’s landslide re-election in 1984.”

3. So 2020 Democrats now have to figure out whether these battleground state union households regret voting for Trump - are they better or worse off now with the uncertainty over trade and tariffs squabbles? How can they tailor their message to win back such union households?

4. Union households in battleground states helped Trump (who also talked a tough game re China) pull off a surprise win in 2016. These households remain key to him winning again in 2020, and no pundit has caught on to this yet - at least not that I’ve seen.

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