What happened tonight at Trump's Rally is a moment that we all to to recognize and mobilize around. This man is going to get someone hurt. He has ramped up his Hate and Racism to a new height.

Let's start with what happened.

Immediately following this disgusting event Twitter lit up in Hate. A majority of what I am posting are Fake Accounts boosting his messaging. Make no mistake there are plenty of real accounts contributing to this. This platform has no safeguards. It's a Petri Dish for this Virus.

I post this with a heavy heart. It is important for all of us to see what we are facing. It is important to know that as the GOP backs this guy real lives are in danger. It is important to know that this platform is dangerous. It is important to know that our time to act is now.

We will be scouring and reporting as many of these accounts as we can find through the night. We can't just wish this away anymore. We can't just tweet about it. We can't put it all on our politicians to fix. We are what we have. We need to take this fight head on.

This is tough for me. Being raised in a family where stories of the Holocaust were told by my relatives. Seeing the numbers tattooed on their arms. You get it. It is forever a part of you. You raise your boys and you think "I hope this never touches their lives. Well now it has.

As this has gotten progressively worse the thoughts of "Someone or something will stop this" or "This can't happen here" have now turned to "This is happening here" and "We need to do something quickly while we still have the Right to Free Speech and the Right to Assemble.

We aren't the Party that ignores History. We remember our lessons. It is right in front of us.

I am asking the leaders on Social Media to consider using this platform to bring us together. Unify our Voice, Develop a Plan and Organize us in Assembling in numbers never before seen

Let's stop these Nazi Like Rallies from becoming the News. Let us be the News. Let the cameras and microphones point in our direction. Let our voices and images fill the TV Screens on Nightly Local News across the country. '

Let us be the alarm clock that awakens our brothers and sisters who aren't yet getting it. Who aren't as connected as we are. Let's grow our base. Let us grow our voice. If we do this right we will be building exactly what we need to have for 2020.

Honestly what other choice do we have.

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