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Immigrants pointing out the brutality, ineptitude, and injustice of American society come bearing gifts of perspective. When you’ve been soaked in this mess since birth, it’s easy to think this is just how it is or all it can be. It’s not.

That criticism comes from a place of optimism. That America has all the prosperity and potential to be so much better. To catch up to the baseline of human dignity - be it in healthcare or education or criminal justice - that so many other first-world countries reached long ago.

You can be proud of your country without descending into rote and blind jingoism. Open to criticism, interested in change, and eager for improvement. America needs it more than any other major, rich nation in the world.

The authoritarian mindset sees the refusal to submit to total assimilation with disgust. To dare criticize The Mighty is an offense punishable with excommunication. That’s where both NEVER APOLOGIZE FOR AMERICA and SEND HER BACK comes from.

For an excellent diagnosis of the authoritarian mindset and the submission it demands, I strongly recommend Fromm’s Escape From Freedom and Man For Himself.

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