JM Rieger @RiegerReport Video Editor, The Washington Post • [email protected] Jul. 19, 2019 1 min read


JERRY NADLER says an impeachment inquiry would put House Democrats on firmer legal ground in subpoena fights with the Trump administration:

“The courts have held that our ability to investigate is at its zenith when we’re doing an impeachment.”


The Trump administration has ignored at least two of the four subpoenas issued by the House Judiciary Committee in 2019. 

.@rossgarber made a similar argument in an interview in May about Democratic efforts to get Trump’s tax returns:

“If Congress were invoking its impeachment authority … I think there Congress might have a much more powerful case” 

NEW TONIGHT: 92 House Democrats support opening an impeachment inquiry into Trump, according to the latest WaPo whip count.

Six have joined calls for an inquiry in the last 24 hours.

15 of 24 Dems on the House Judiciary Cmte support opening an inquiry. 

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