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(Short thread) Victimization

This is a perfect example of the victim complex suffered by the white men of the GOP.

We can respond with Trump's actual crimes & the contents of the Mueller Report, and point out that no president ever engaged in Trump level of law breaking.

1/ Or we can talk about birtherism, Benghazi, “her emails" & the decades-long hounding of the Clintons.

Or “send her back.”

But facts and logic often won’t work against emotionally based arguments.

2/ Graham is making an emotional plea that makes perfect sense to the Trump-Fox-GOP.

He’s also making it on the day more Trump World Crimes are in the news.
Looks like Hope Hicks lied to Congress.
And ⤵️

3/ From Stanley: The dominant group feels victimized by encroaching equality because the dominant group believes that nature forms a hierarchy.

When “inferior” groups seek equality or asserts power, the dominant group thinks the inferior group want to displace them at the top.

4/ So they feel like victims! (Poor Trump, right? sniffle sniffle)

The GOP isn't taking us someplace entirely new.

They’re trying to take us back to the time when the idea of paternalism was deeply entrenched in much of American culture.

They pine for what they lost.

5/ They want to take us back to when paying hush money, exploiting young girls, money laundering, and general grabbing and cheating were acceptable — if you were white and male.

Make America Great Again means take us back to the good old days ⤵️ 

6/ Or see:


Or put another way:

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